Victory Badminton Club and Erazmus + Sport

The project is implemented with the support
of the Erasmus + Programme of the
European union between
January - December, 2018.

The aim of this project is to gather together the experience
of three badminton clubs in neighboring countries
(Bulgaria, Greece, Romania) in the fields of sport and social practices.
Being actively involved in the youth and sport field individually
 provides a good basis of assurance that a potential partnership will help
multiply the positive effect in the community.

A key aspect of sports activities is delevopment of athletes,
competing and ranking high in tournaments.
Main goals are analizing the performance of athletes
in the past Olympic games, teaming up in order to create a multi-layer
methodology for developing athletes based on achivements up to now and
creating a string plan for action in the next years.

Most commonly - implementing basic, founding principles of the
European communities while working in a non-pressuring environment
whith people, who are at different social layers and stages of life.
The division will be set between administrative tasks for the execution
of the project and the achievement of the goals in the field of athletics.

The project will allow the  partnering clubs to create a methology that
will far outlast the duration of the project. Apart from the common
results of developing the athletic performance, the project aims at
enriching cooperation at national level.

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