reference number: 590752-EPP-1-2017-1-BG-SPO-SSCP

~~The project “Teaming up for growing up” is a synergy of the efforts of three organizations involved in the filed of youth work and sport. The three clubs are oriented in the sport of Badminton and the social and sport activities that are created are interlinked with the organization of sport meetings, youth work and social activities .The project has objectives to help develop the youth work activities of every partner and merge them to deliver bigger results. Some of the objectives can be explained as more strictly oriented towards the sport activity – badminton, being a sport with a very busy schedule of tournaments, competitions and rankings, both at national and international level. The organizations have experience in the process of empowering youth and assisting the organization of events and activities for social inclusion of young people. The clubs have members in different age groups, social layers and of different background and the each and every partner has had great success at including its members in social and sport activities, while enriching the environment in the local community. The teaming up will allow the partners to combine good practices and have new opportunities to prepare the athletes and staff for the different socio-economic changes that societies face. The newfound partnership will allow for exchange of skills between the project leaders and the actual participants (both categories involved in sharing at equal and cross level of expertise). Sports is a field of where people of different background can come to be at equal grounds and the involvement of the organizations with disadvantaged people – those with disabilities and fewer opportunities, will  allow everybody involved in the project to acquire a specific set of social and personal skills. Therefore all the participants involved in the project will be better prepared for the social communication that they might encounter in society or outside the area of sports.

Specific objectives:
-          Strengthen the international cooperation between grassroots organisations active in the field of sport and youth and create a core of a transnational network promoting the same ideas;
-          Improve sharing of good practices and transfer of know-how not only between the participating organisations but also on national level in each country
-          Increase knowledge and awareness regarding sport and physical activity as tool for skill acquisition fostering the well-being and employability of young people;
-          Foster cross-sectoral synergy with non-formal and lifelong learning policies to promote sport and physical activity as tool to address youth-related challenges;
-          Increase awareness of as regards the role of sport in promoting health enhancing physical and mental activity;
-          creating a network and exchanging the good practices between organizations (Bulgaria, Romania, Greece)
-          create a portfolio from combining all the good practices of the national bodies involved in sports, good practices in the non-government sector and other examples of youth work, that have helped improve the surrounding environment for youth inclusion, sport development and prosperity.
-          Summarize not only good but also bad practices (doping, unsportsmanlike, poor governance, etc.)

The project is implemented with the financial support of the Erasmus + Programme for Sport - Small-collaborative partnerships Ref. Project: 590752-EPP-1-2017-1-BG-SPO-SSCP

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