05-08.04.2018 Sofia, Bulgaria

In April (05-08.04.2018), we held the first meeting of our project "Teaming up for Growing Up" in Sofia, Bulgaria, where the Coordinator is SC "Victory" and the partners are clubs from Romania and Greece. At this meeting, various sessions were held which aimed at achieving the objectives of the project, namely:

- Organizing meeting between coordinators, experts and stakeholders
- Achieving agreement and finalizing the documents related to implementation (reports, forms, etc)
- Presentation of the initial report of each organization on the topics, objectives and means of the project
- Working groups on the strategy and products of the project.

The main themes and objectives of the project are to develop the context of the clubs and youth in decision making, and to promote partnership in an international aspect.

With this first of three meetings, we were able to successfully launch the project activities that aim to:

- Enhance the capacity of organizations in an international partnership;
- Increase the ability of young people to participate in different management processes, increasing competences;
- Strengthen and enhance the ability to raise social competences and lead a healthy life through sport and physical activity;

This meeting is implemented as a first of two which are in a close time gap. The intention was to create a learning block with precise and exact time frame, deadlines and goal setting in order to optimize planning, learning capacity and delivery of outputs. 


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