13-16.04.2018 Iasi, Romania

In a week distance from the first meeting we held a second meeting in Iasi, Romania (mid April, 2018). There were some similarities between the two meetings in the aspect of work programme and schedule, as well as experts present, however the main difference came in the development of the products, finalizing some of the draft guidelines and specifying on the objectives to come.

The work schedule was organised in a form to discussion panels, presentations and portfolio, as well as activities based on non-formal education. The development from the previous work meeting was seen in the further precising of tasks, goals and work groups responsibilities. Apart from that the administrative meetings were held between coordinators.

-          We created and precised the key points in the methodology, as we presented key elements in the training methods used and the scientific evidence for them;

-          Presentation on the training methods used currently and their development over the years;

-          Experts groups started to gather and build on a base of training methods, tools and systems used;

-          There was a discussion panel regarding poor and ineffective training methods, sportsmanship conduct and rule violations, as that is too part of the methodology overview;

-          Experts and peer to peer links were established;

This second meeting was the latter part of a learning block that aimed to precise, specify and create the guidelines for methodology and report creation. The time frame for the third meeting is set to October, 2018 and that period will be used for the creation of the methodology, build up of facts, good and poor practices and exchange of communication.


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